Local ingredients

We won’t give away all of our secrets. Having worked in kitchens all across Sussex for over 25 years, its given us the best knowledge of our local suppliers. 

Fruit & Veggies

We’ve tried and tested and we have picked the best supplier from a farm shop down the road from us. Packed with delicious British produce from Sussex.

Our meat is only 3 miles down the road from us! Like us, their ethos has always been to produce local and quality produce.

We go in and pick our cuts of meat. We’re known for buying the premium cuts, nothing less will do!



Of course, being so close the coast is a big win for us! Best known for our high quality, day caught local fish and shellfish. The vessels that land are small inshore day-boats that land their catch within hours of capture, thus ensuring the fish is of the highest quality. They rely on seasonal fisheries native to this area and work closely with local authorities to enable consumers and the community to benefit from sustainably caught fish and shell fish.

They guarantee provenance for all directly landed fish and shellfish which is fairly unique in the industry due to their sustainability ethos. 

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