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We recognise the need to do everything we can for the environment, as a company and as individuals. We are continuously innovating ways to improve our carbon footprint even more to support our beautiful earth, one leaf at a time.

Reducing our

carbon footprint

We work closely with our suppliers to reuse and cut down on all transit materials and we work with our suppliers to ensure this is made from a sustainable source wherever possible and that it can be recycled or reused.

we have implemented some key changes to our business.

To make more of a difference

We’re building a kitchen garden full of fresh herbs, veggies and more! Plus we will use our composted food scraps to feed our potted plants around us.

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Sample menus




We’ve compiled traditional classics entwined with modern twists from the taste kitchens. We offer this in a 3 course, but can be altered to suit.
 3 course meal: £40 per head

We’ve pushed the boundaries on traditional classics and developed a menu for the lover of both fine dining and classic. We offer this in a 3 course, but can be altered to suit.
 3 course meal: £70 per head

These menus have been crafted in our kitchens using unique fusions making them the most harmonious of dishes. 3 course meal: £90 per head

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