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You’ve got so much to think about, from flowers and table settings to budgeting. But one of the most important elements is going to be what you and your guests are going to eat at your wedding breakfast.

Plan your wedding breakfast

Once you have decided on the number of guests, it’s time to plan the menu. The first thing to do is decide what type of wedding breakfast you want. Do you want a formal sit-down meal or informal sharing platters? Another great option is a barbeque – which is very popular in summer.

If there are vegetarians or vegans in attendance or people with dietary requirements such as diabetes or lactose intolerance then this needs to be taken into account when choosing foods for your menu. And this is when we come in. Nothing makes us happier than having the privilege of working with our wonderful clients. For us, it’s not just about creating delicious food, but celebrating the special day with you and making sure every aspect is perfect. We work hard to make sure that your perfect wedding breakfast menu is created with care so that on the big day, you can focus on enjoying each other’s company.


Table runners of white blooms

White bloom on wedding table | wedding breakfast style

White & neutral blooms are a great way to add a ‘pop’ to your tables. For example, white hydrangeas are not only beautiful but they also last longer than most flowers, which makes them an excellent choice for any reception table.

Flower centrepieces with greenery runners

Greenery table runner | wedding breakfast table

The flower centerpieces and greenery table runners are a great way to decorate a table. You can use flowers or greenery to decorate the table, or both together! They can look beautiful with any kind of decorations you want to put on top of them as well.

Bright pops

Bright Blooms

Use bright colours to add some pop to your table. These can be matched with napkins to tie it all together nicely.

Place settings, glassware, crockery napkins and more – the ultimate guide to Wedding breakfast style

The table is the main focus of your wedding breakfast, so it’s important to make sure that it looks as beautiful and elegant as possible. This is one of the first things guests will see when they arrive, so you should put effort into making it reflect your theme.

Most tables will have a central vase or another centrepiece with flowers, in addition to glasses and place settings for each guest. You can also add candles if you want something extra fancy! Napkins are usually folded by us when we set up the table. We use a few companies which offer stunning crockery, linens and glassware hire for you to choose from and there will be something for everyone. From coloured glassware, gold-rimmed crockery or even porcelain crockery – we’ve got the option of it all.

Table settings

Have a lovely wedding breakfast!

Congratulations! You’re getting married, and your guests are here to celebrate with you.

You’ve planned everything down to the last detail, making sure that every aspect of your wedding day goes smoothly. Now it’s time for the big moment: your wedding breakfast. The food, the drinks, what everyone will be wearing—all these things are important parts of a successful celebration that will make lasting memories for everyone who attends.

But don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Now is not the time to worry about every small detail or run around like crazy making sure everything goes as planned—that comes later! Instead of being stressed out trying not to miss anything at your own wedding breakfast, sit back and relax with some delicious food and great company. 

You’re all set! Now, go out there and plan a beautiful wedding breakfast.

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