Seasonal Flavours for Your Big Day: Autumn Wedding Menu Ideas

Autumn is the perfect time of year for weddings. As the leaves change colour and the air turns crisp, autumn provides a stunning backdrop for celebrations. It’s also an ideal season to showcase harvest flavours in your wedding catering. Autumn weddings are definitely getting more popular and as caterers, we couldn’t be happier! Discover our Autumn wedding menu ideas here!

The abundance of hearty, comforting foods makes autumn a fantastic option for wedding menus. Fresh produce like squash, sweet potatoes and celeriac give us so many delicious ingredients to work with. Warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger add cosy flavour to starters, mains, and deserts alike. Savoury pies, seasonal beverages, and autumnal baked goods can all be incorporated into your Autumn catering menu.

autumn local produce

Beyond seasonal flavours, Autumn weddings allow you to play with autumnal decor and rich, jewel-tone colours. Centrepieces may incorporate mini pumpkins, flower arrangements can include dried flowers, berries and foliage, and venues themselves provide beautiful backdrops of changing leaves.

Embracing autumnal themes and flavours helps make weddings feel warm, welcoming, and cosy during the Autumn season. Your catering can provide hearty comfort foods and seasonal delights that feel indulgent yet homey. From the first course to last, this article will explore ideas and trends to help make the flavours of Autumn shine at your next autumn wedding catering event.

As the weather cools down, hearty comfort foods are a perfect addition to autumn wedding menus. These rib-sticking dishes provide warmth and fullness during the crisp days of Autumn. Some classic hearty options for wedding catering include:

Starter for an Autumn Wedding Menu


Soups are hearty, warming and so delicious. We’re often asked for soup as an option because it covers lots of dietary requirements too, so our couples this time of year will quite often ask us to create a soup option on their wedding menu. 

With so many delicious hearty vegetables in season this time of year and the best time to have soup on the menu. It’s the squash family that shines this time of year, whether it be pumpkin or butternut – a squash soup is perfect. With all of our efforts with sustainability and our drive to cut down on waste, why not offer the soup to be served in their outer. Guests LOVE this, they understand the efforts to cut down on waste and the style fits in gorgeously with the autumn palate. Not a squash fan? Opts for something like spiced lentil soup with curry oil. This soup is full of flavour and will be sure to warm your guests and get them ready for the main course.

Autumn wedding menu - starter


Our famous sweet & sticky pork belly, chilli jam, rocket & roquito peppers is an absolute must this time of year. We love to make our menus bespoke to our clients – but this is one of the most requested dishes from 80% of our couples – and we can’t disappoint. We understand, it’s very very good.

Or try something bold like ginger beer glazed pig cheeks, celeriac & apple remoulade. The perfect starter brimming with seasonal flavours.


A smoked haddock scotch egg served with warm tartare sauce is a great choice this time of year. Being so close to the coast, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fish and we’ll always suggest to our couples to have a veggie, meat and fish option for their guests as a starter. 

Main Course for an Autumn Wedding Menu

Seasonal Pies

With so much in season in September and the rest of the Autumn season there are so many options to go with. Beef, lamb or vegetable pies to name a few are ideal for autumn events. The flaky, buttery crust encases a savoury stew filled with tender meat and veggies. Offer individual pies servings for each guest or large pies for a family feast, homey feel. Serve these up with rich-in-flavour seasonal veggies such as broccoli, carrots and the list goes on. Here’s a wonderful menu Emma & Theo’s guests got to choose from this year.

  • Smoked chicken & ham hock pie, wholegrain mustard mash
  • Braised lamb shoulder & rosemary pie, minted crushed new potatoes 
  • Mixed butternut squash & rosemary pie, sage saute potatoes 

All served with seasonal vegetables and jus

Autumn wedding menu - duck


Duck is the best between October – December so the perfect addition to your Autumn wedding menu. Know for its rich and full of flavour notes when it is served in the right season. It’s gorgeous and served seasonally which often pairs it with fruits such as plums or redcurrants. Rosemary is also a gorgeous herb that brings flavour to the forefront and emphasises the heartiness of this dish. A dish we created this year was a confit duck leg, olive oil mash potatoes, braised red cabbage, rosemary jus. Chefs kiss.

Autumn wedding menu - venison


You cant talk about autumn wedding menus without venison. Venison adds a rich and earthy taste to your wedding menu. A very popular choice this time of year, and when served with seasonal flavours, venison can be an absolute melt in your mouth offering for your guests. Serve up with red wine, rosemary and redcurrant to power punch the flavours to create an unforgettable dish. We created a dish for a client this season of Hay smoked venison haunch, jerusalem artichoke, fondant potato, 

honey root veg and pomegranate jus.

Desserts for an Autumn Wedding Menu

Desserts this time of year, well we’re spoilt for choice. With so much in season such as apples, blackberries, figs, peaches, pears, plums… the list goes on. So, here are a few options we’ve had over a few weddings this year.

Lemon & Ginger tart, meringue, orange & ginger ice cream

Dark chocolate and blackberry brownie, vanilla and mint ice cream

Ginger & treacle steamed pudding, brandy snap, orange ice cream

Other Ways To Incorporate Seasonal Produce for the Perfect Autumn Wedding Menu

The crispness of autumn lends itself perfectly to fresh, seasonal produce. When planning the menu for an Autumn wedding, take advantage of the bounty of vegetables and fruits that come into peak season.

  • Apples – Nothing says autumn like the crunch of apples. Popular apple varieties in the Autumn include Fuji, Honeycrisp, Gala, McIntosh and Granny Smith. Apples are extremely versatile, pairing nicely with both sweet and savoury dishes. Thinly sliced apples make beautiful garnishes on cheese boards or tarts. Bake apples into pies, crisps and crumbles for classic Autumn flavours. For salads, use apple slices, dried cranberries and pecans over mixed greens.
  • Pears – The sweet yet mild flavour of pears complement autumn ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Poached pears drizzled with caramel sauce make a dreamy dessert. For appetisers, wrap sliced pears with prosciutto or bake into an onion and pear tart. Diced pears can be mixed into Autumn vegetable salads or pureed into soups.
  • Squash – Autumn squash varieties like butternut, acorn and pumpkin have thick skins and sweet, dense flesh that make them perfect for roasting. Roasted squash can be puréed into soups or made into ravioli fillings. Thinly slice squash into ribbons to use as salad toppings or for veggie side dishes. Pumpkin flavors are synonymous with autumn and can be incorporated into everything from soups to desserts.

Warm Spices

The cooler autumn weather calls for foods laced with spices that evoke warmth and comfort. Some key spices perfectly suited for Autumn wedding menus include cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger.

Cinnamon is one of the most beloved Autumn spices. Its sweet and spicy aroma reminds us of autumn. A dash of cinnamon can transform simple baked goods like cakes, muffins, and cookies into seasonal delights. It also pairs wonderfully with roasted vegetables, squash soups, chilli, hot cider, and more.

Nutmeg is another quintessential autumn spice. Its woody, nutty, slightly sweet flavour shines in pumpkin pie, carrot cake, sweet potato casserole and curries. Just a pinch can provide a lovely aromatic undertone.

Cloves have a piercing, bittersweet flavour that complements Autumn flavours. Their warmth works well in marinades, chutneys, mulled cider and wine, oatmeal, curries, and carrot and squash soups.

Ginger’s zesty heat and brightness make it ideal for autumn dishes. Its notes of citrus and pepper blend beautifully with pumpkin, sweet potato, squash, pear, and apple flavours. Use fresh ginger to add kick to menus. It shines in pumpkin ravioli, chicken tagine with Autumn vegetables, and poached pears with ginger syrup.

Incorporating cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger into wedding fayre helps provide comforting warmth and seasonal flair. Their aromas and flavours speak of harvest happiness.

Seasonal Beverages

Cooler autumn temperatures offer the perfect opportunity to warm up your wedding guests with comforting hot beverages. Seasonal autumn drinks are a delightful way to infuse your wedding catering with cosy autumn flavours

Apple Cider

Nothing says autumn quite like a steaming cup of apple cider. The sweet, apply aroma and tart flavor are quintessential Autumn. Offer apple cider as a non-alcoholic option, or add a splash of brandy or spiced rum for an adult treat. Garnish with cinnamon sticks or apple slices.

Mulled Wine

For chilly outdoor autumn weddings, mulled wine is a comforting choice. Simmer red wine with orange slices, cranberries, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and brandy to infuse it with delicious spiced flavor. Ladle piping hot mulled wine into mugs and garnish with star anise or strips of orange zest.

Offering seasonal autumn beverages is an appetizing way to incorporate the flavors of Autumn into your wedding catering. Craft signature drinks featuring local apples, pumpkins, or mulling spices for a menu tailored beautifully to autumn.

Presentation Tips For An Autumn Wedding Menu

Autumn offers wonderful opportunities to incorporate rustic touches and seasonal colours into your wedding catering presentation.

  • Fill your tables with autumn flowers like chrysanthemums, asters, and goldenrod to reflect the season’s beautiful tones. Arrange loose wildflower bouquet centrepieces in earthy burlap, lace, or twine wrapped vases.
  • Use fruits, vegetables, and nuts as part of your table decor. Display mini pumpkins, gourds, apples, pine cones, and chestnuts in wooden crates, trays, or bowls for a natural feel.
  • Incorporate warm autumnal colours like crimson, amber, mustard, olive green, and brown into your linens, napkins, glassware, plates, and signage. Mix metals like copper and bronze for a cozy effect.
  • Tie burlap, twine, or raffia bows around silverware bundles or napkins. Craft name cards or menus from kraft paper and string.
  • Serve signature cocktails in mason jars or copper mugs. Offer mulled cider, hot spiced teas, or hot chocolate in enamel mugs for guests’ arrival drinks.
  • Use natural wood elements like trays, crates, barrels, and boards to display and serve food. Rustic woods like oak pair nicely with autumn tones.
  • Scatter fresh herbs, nuts, cinnamon sticks or whole spices as garnishes on dishes. Allow the autumn ingredients to shine.
Autumn Table

By incorporating nature’s autumn bounty into your catering presentation, you can craft a warm, rustic feel that perfectly matches the flavours of the season.

Autumn offers some of the best flavours and ingredients for wedding menus here in Sussex. The hearty comfort foods, seasonal produce, and warming spices create a delicious and cosy feel.

The natural abundance of Autumn provides creative options to make your wedding cuisine special. Taking advantage of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs supports local producers and provides the freshest ingredients. Hearty, comforting dishes satisfy appetites while reflecting the spirit of the season.

Planning an Autumnal wedding and looking for a delicious seasonal local menu for your big day? Drop us a message and we’ve love to work with you. In the meantime, pop over to our Instagram to see what we’ve been up to!

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