The Best Wedding Catering Company In The South East

Here’s Why We Won 2 Awards As The Best Wedding Catering Company In The South East This Year.

Picking the perfect wedding catering company is a big deal. It can really shape the overall experience of your special day. We totally get it; before Taste came along, we felt the same way. After attending countless weddings with the same mass-produced food, we knew there had to be a change. We’ve been in your shoes. Where the menu seemed like a generic pick, and you show up unsure of what you’re going to eat, only to feel a bit let down. That’s what pushed us to shake things up in the industry. We believe that every moment of your wedding, the biggest day of your life, should be nothing short of extraordinary.

People often ask us, “What makes you different?” It’s not something we can sum up in a few sentences. So we wanted to share our values, our mission, and how we go about it all. We like to call it “mastering the art of catering.” That’s what sets us apart from the rest – making your wedding feast an experience that’s uniquely yours.

Mastering the art of exceptional catering 


Meet our kitchen team – a collective powerhouse with a wealth of experience totalling hundreds of years and a diverse area of expertise. Their backgrounds span from crafting fine dining experiences to excelling in award-winning gastro pubs. They’ve mastered the intricacies of Asian cooking and soaked up the flavours of Greece. The love from our clients speaks volumes, with comments like ‘it’s like having your own masterchef,’ marvelling at our ability to create magic even in a tent, and the ultimate compliment – ‘better than restaurant food.’ But the one that truly warms our hearts is, ‘we’ve attended 6 weddings this year, and yours was, hands down, the best.’

Kitchen BTS

Tailored to perfection

Recognising the uniqueness of each wedding, we take pride in delivering personalised service that goes above and beyond the usual. Our dedicated team engages closely with couples to grasp their vision, preferences, and dietary requirements. This collaborative approach ensures a customised catering experience that harmonises seamlessly with our clients’ dreams. Whether crafting a menu or designing our service style, we strive to tailor every detail for each couple, aiming not only to excel in service and food but also to add personal touches that will be cherished for years to come.

Tailored to our couples

Impeccable Service:

Crafting a flawless dining experience extends beyond exceptional food; it hinges on impeccable service. Our team are devoted to making each moment of your celebration unforgettable. From seamless event coordination to attentive waiting staff, we handle every detail, allowing you to relish the joy of your wedding day. Our reputation for exceptional service is no accident. We operate on a unique principle – we will only commit to one wedding a day. While the norm for a wedding caterer is cramming multiple events in a night, we prioritise quality over quantity. This rare approach ensures our A-team is devoted to each event. It’s a point of pride for us; our clients choose us for their special day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Versatility and Innovation:

For those who’ve been following our journey, you’ve witnessed our passion for pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation. We thrive on creativity and enthusiastically embrace your dreams and visions, committing 110% to bring them to life. In a world where trends are in constant flux, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s adopting the latest food trends or adding innovative twists to traditional favourites, our dedication to versatility and innovation ensures that your wedding menu is a true reflection of you and your special day. Our kitchen team hosts innovation days, dedicated to experimentation, pushing boundaries, and keeping our creative juices flowing. This commitment extends to sourcing the finest seasonal and local ingredients, creating a harmonious blend of freshness and brilliance in every dish. From cutting-edge culinary techniques to themed dining experiences, we proudly lead in the world of wedding catering, dedicated to making every celebration an unforgettable and uniquely crafted adventure.

floral theme

Testimonials of Delight:

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients. Dive into first hand testimonials from couples who entrusted us with their wedding catering and uncover why our services receive praise for excelling expectations. We prefer to let our satisfied clients speak for our wedding catering company. And when guests from previous weddings start booking us for their own special day – it’s something special. Witnessing familiar faces at new celebrations is a heartwarming moment, solidifying the trust and joy we bring to each wedding we’re privileged to be a part of.


Our ingredients & sustainability goals

Committed to achieving excellence, we take great pride in our dedication to selecting only the most exceptional local ingredients and seasonal produce for our menus. By capturing the unique flavours of Sussex, each dish becomes a narrative of freshness and authenticity. With our philosophy being rooted in supporting local farmers and producers, developing partnerships that not only contribute to the community but also guarantee top-tier ingredients for our clients. From farm to table, we revel in the richness of each season, allowing the tastes of locally sourced ingredients to shine in our crafted menus. This unwavering dedication not only enhances the quality of our food but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and a sincere appreciation for the goodness that surrounds us.

BTS kitchen

Going above and beyond

At our essence, we firmly believe that wedding catering should exceed the ordinary. Going above and beyond isn’t merely a commitment for us; it’s a philosophy ingrained in us. From the initial consultation to the final delightful bite, our goal is to surpass expectations by tailoring every detail to perfection. Going above and beyond in wedding catering is not just a service we provide; it’s our promise to transform your special day into an unforgettable, seamless, and tasteful experience.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and a culmination of dreams, and we understand the significance of this momentous occasion. As the best wedding catering company, we bring a blend of exceptional food, personalised service, and unwavering dedication to ensure that your wedding catering experience surpasses all expectations. Choose excellence; choose us to curate an experience that perfectly complements the beauty of your day.

We’re really excited about the year ahead and all that is in store for us! Client of ours for 2024? We can’t wait for your day! Get in touch if you are looking for an award-winning caterer for your big day! Or in the meantime check out our instagram for our latest news or pinterest for inspiration! Speak soon!

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