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The sweetness of a wedding celebration extends beyond just the love between the couple, it also encompasses the joy shared with family and friends.  Among the many cherished traditions, the act of sharing wedding desserts holds a special place. From towering cakes to decadent dessert tables, these confections not only satisfy the sweet tooth but […]

Our Floral Canapé Boxes are more than a catering choice; they are a statement of style, creativity, and a commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience.

Discover using edible flowers in wedding menus for a beautiful, tasty touch. Tips on sourcing, popular blooms, and floral-infused dishes and drinks.

Vegan Vows: Tips for a plant-based wedding menu. Find vegan catering inspiration, delight guests, and satisfy all with vegan options.

Discover eco-friendly wedding catering: local ingredients, less waste, reusable serveware.

Honouring past generations in your wedding with heirloom recipes for a nostalgic touch. Work with our team of award-winning chefs to bring your family recipes into your wedding catering

Elevate Your Big Day: Immersive Wedding Catering Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Explore Autumn wedding menu ideas brimming with the richness of the season. Delight guests with seasonal flavours with Taste Caterer.

Wedding Catering at Fitzleroi Barns | Date: 10th August 2023 | Venue: Fitzleroi Barn | Photography: Hannah Lucy Photography Caterers: Taste Caterer | Stationary: Taste Caterer “We will be recommending Taste Caterer to everyone we know! We felt Steve and Charlotte went above and beyond to make sure the food on our wedding day was […]

Date: 29th July 2022 | Venue: Southlands Barns | Caterers: Taste Caterer “Absolutely incredible caterers we could not have asked for anything more for our wedding day. Every single tiny little detail was taken care of from the choosing of our menu, budget being stuck to, delicious food, the tasting evening and then finally the […]